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Customised padel court construction


Manufactured in Italy, Built for the UK


Don’t throw caution to the wind

We have partnered exclusively with Italian Padel to create bespoke padel court systems that are fit for the specific environment they will be built in, not the environment they were manufactured in.  That means we consider each site individually from the topographical features and wind exposure to the drainage potential and geographical location before coming up with our recommendation.

Like us, Italian Padel expect exceptional quality in their workmanship, never cut corners and are always looking to improve their product.

WE’ve got it covered

From the initial design to the final fixtures & fittings, we build our courts around you so they are fit-for-purpose and fit for the people who will use them. 

With our unpredictable climate, it’s worth considering an indoor court solution so play can continue at any time of year and at any time of the day, but we understand there are price sensitivities for many padel enthusiasts and our external courts are designed to stand up to the British weather just as well.

For situations where covered courts are required, we can partner with our sister company CopriSystems on your project. CopriSystems has over 30 years experience designing and installing covered sports structures to their clients requirements. 

Our Turnkey SERVICE


We create bespoke structural solutions for every client & love to be challenged.  Whether you plan to develop facilities in a disused warehouse, on the top floor of a multi-storey car park, on an existing tennis court or hidden away in a field surrounded by woodland, every site will be different and so every padel court system needs to be suitable.




We would be happy to advise you on court solutions that address planning concerns around noise, light, location and aesthetics. 

We can also help you with pre-planning applications that test the viability of a project before it goes into greater depth.


This is crucial and needs a high level of expertise to ensure you avoid costly structural damages and lengthy delays further down the line.

Our sister company, CopriSystems, has over 30 years of groundworks experience and can ensure that there is a consistent level of quality control and an exceptional standard of workmanship throughout the project.


Our padel courts can be installed within 6 weeks of being ordered.  Covered structures, subject to size, can be installed in 3 months.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution and the cheapest quote or quickest timeline are not always the best option if you want to invest in a padel system that will last.  We work to the highest standards of installation to ensure all our structures meet the top requirements from the LTA, British Building Regulations and the harsh British weather.


We take great interest in what happens to our structures once we have completed the installation and are keen to assist in their upkeep to ensure they remain in prime condition.  We can provide fast, efficient support if it is required but often, significant damage can be prevented with a sensible service plan in place. 

Designed JUST For YOU


We will be honest and transparent with you at every stage to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise.  We value excellence when it comes to the people we work with, the way we work, the relationships we build with our customers and the finished products we deliver.

Padel will bring a fresh, dynamic energy to your club! It’s not just a game, it’s an opportunity to be part of something new and exciting. Padel will create a more vibrant community by attracting new members of all ages and give existing members a boost of enthusiasm, not to mention the boost it will give to your revenue.
Now’s the time to gain that competitive edge and put your school at the forefront of sports education. Playing padel will provide your students with countless benefits as it requires problem-solving & strategic thinking, relieves stress, fosters communication, builds a healthy body & sharp mind, promotes positive relationships & is really fun!

We work with many clients who have fallen in love with padel but are frustrated by the lack of local court availability & long waiting lists so are installing private courts at their homes where they can play whenever they like.  Our designs are customised to suit your style and fit in tastefully with the property.  Projects have included the addition of patios, pathways & seating areas.

we love padel

As sports enthusiasts, we have all been drawn into playing padel and are fascinated by the rate at which its popularity is growing.  As sports construction experts, we are excited to be involved in the development of facilities which enable more people to get involved. 

From private, outdoor single court structures to large-scale, multiple court indoor domes, every project is unique but the pride we take in completing each one to the highest spec is consistent. 




We’re part of coprisystems, an industry leader in the design of bepoke sports and industrial structures

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    SN10 5UE


    PadelSystems Ltd
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